Getting Started in Amateur Radio

How to become a ham in three easy steps!
  1. Sign up for a licensing class1 with the Montgomery Amateur Radio Club. The easiest license is the Technician Class license that requires only very basic knowledge of the rules and electric circuitry. With a Technician Class license you can talk to other hams in the Central Alabama area. You may also participate in club public service events and local nets such as Skywarn

  2. Pass the exam2. Volunteer Examiners with ARRL and CAVEC give exams regularly  (See schedule). If you pass, you get your license incredibly fast.

  3. Buy a radio. You will be amazed at how little money is needed to get on the air. The Montgomery Amateur Radio Club has many members that will guide you in getting new or used equipment, setting up your transceiver and antenna, and getting you on the air!

Note 1: For class information, contact HamClass@w4ap.org

Note 2: License test preparation materials are available online and at many bookstores. The ARRL online store offers resources to help you get started - search for license.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulates licenses for Amateur Radio. The FCC Part 97 rules are available online at ARRL