Getting Started with D-Star

D-STAR (Digital Smart Technologies for Amateur Radio) is a digital voice and data protocol specification developed for use in amateur radio. Users with D-Star transceivers may communicate over the air and via the internet.

In addition to D-STAR transceivers, a DV Dongle may be used in a computer USB slot (with DV Dongle software and the computer's microphone and speaker) to allow connection to the D-Star network via the internet.

In order to use the Dstar repeater, users have to register to get access through the gateway. Here is a link: https://regist.dstargateway.org/Dstar.do

D-Star Links:

www.dstar101.com www.dstarinfo.com
www.dstarusers.org http://wb2lua.com/papers/D-Star.pdf
The Alabama Dstar Yahoo Group: