Getting Started with Elmer_U

Are you interested in HF operations??
The Montgomery Amateur Radio Club’s (MARC) mentoring program, Elmer_U, is designed to help new Hams get started in amateur radio and HF operating. In addition to actual hands-on radio contacts, topics discussed include:why HF?; what is needed to get started?; modes and frequencies; antennas; logging; operating procedures; and much more. Elmer_U is also a great opportunity for an aspiring Ham to learn more about the Amateur Radio Service and Amateur Radio as a diverse and fascinating hobby. Licenses are not required to participate in the sessions.

Elmer_U will convene on selected Saturdays at 1:00 PM in the MARC radio station at the Red Cross building on Woods Crossing Rd., off Carmichael Drive in Montgomery. Dates and times of sessions will be posted here and on the MARC website home and club calendar pages. Notifications will be sent on the MARC-List, as well.

Those interested can email Rik Doll, KU4PY, at elmeru@w4ap.com or contact him by phone at 334-590-1824.

Access to the radio room on session days is through the first door on the left side of the building (facing it from the parking lot). The doors are locked for security reasons, so participants need to knock loudly or call KU4PY on the 146.84 repeater. There is no access through the front doors on weekends.

Elmer_U is an excellent way for new Hams, and even older ones who have not had the opportunity for a lot of HF operating, to sharpen their on-the-air skills. For those who do not yet have a license, it is a chance to learn about ham radio, see it in action, and have questions answered. Hope to see you there!!

Rik Doll, KU4PY
MARC Elmer_U