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W4AP Repeater Audio

Here is link you can click and hear the main W4AP Audio of 146.8400 MHz Repeater 24/7 now:


And you can listen to everything that is going on, NETS, Skywarn, ARES... There is about 20 to 25 Sec delay which is not bad. And when you click that link, you do don’t have to download anything. It’s using a web player, so when you are done you can close it.

All the hams that have scanner apps - you can also access this feed through all of those as well.


This feed is broadcasted around the world as well. We usually get 15 - 25 listens a day. The largest number of listeners are (1) during our NETS on Sunday and (2) the Thursday Skywarn NET which ranges around the 15 - 30 mark.


This audio is going through Broadcastify - it records all the transmission’s on the 84 and stores them for 6 months in 30 min increments. It also time stamped as .mp3 format. So, say there is a NET you want to go back and listen to, the QSO that you wanted to save, or you want to hear a Skywarn drill, you can find it here.