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Club Contacts

 We are looking for members to step up and fill the open spots, so please consider taking a more active role, and become a Point of Contact.

Area Of Responsibility Name Callsign
444.50 Repeater Bobby Chandler N4AU
146.84 Repeater Bobby Chandler N4AU
147.18 Repeater Wiely Boswell KE4LTT
146.92 Repeater Wiely Boswell KE4LTT
6m Repeater Wiely Boswell KE4LTT
W4AP-1 APRS   (open)
W4AP-1 & 2 Digi Bobby Chandler N4AU
W4AP-5 Wiley Boswell KE4LTT
NWS Link    
Repeater Council Rep Wiely Boswell KE4LTT
Club Station Phil Salley K4PO
Trailer Scott Poole (open)
Spring Picnic   (open)
SkyWarn Net Mgr Otto Arnoscht N4UZZ
2m Net Mgr Steve Bragg KA9MVA
W4AP Trustee Randy Sedlak KV4AC
Zerobeat Editor Ken Brittin AK4KN
MARC Web Otto Arnoscht N4UZZ
Webmaster Jim Wolfe KK4ZCN