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MARC 2018 Field Day

June 23-24, 2018


MARC 2017 Field Day

June 24-25, 2017

Field Day 2017 is now history and a great time was had by all. Our operating site was once again at Sedlak’s farm just south of Montgomery. Bad weather forecast for the weekend had come and gone by starting time and phone and CW operations continued both days without a hitch.

We began the event by bringing in the trailers and EMA generator late Friday afternoon. Setup was planned for Saturday morning, but a few of us jumped the gun by putting up the phone station antenna while we were at the site. That was for naught because a thunderstorm came through late in the day and blew it down. We got it back up in record time Saturday morning, so no time was lost. We put up the CW antenna Saturday morning despite heavy showers that came through at just the wrong time. The good news was that those showers were the last we saw of rain for the rest of the weekend. The bad news was that those showers and the rains during the previous several days gave us first-hand experience in dealing with the legendary Alabama “prairie soil.” In other words, it was really, really muddy. Undaunted, we set up the radio stations, tweaked an antenna or two, and were ready to go well before the start.

Operations began on schedule at 1:00 Saturday afternoon and continued through the test period with little interruption, running up respectable numbers:

  Phone contacts 428
  CW contacts 800
  Total contacts 1228
  Contact points 4056
  Bonus points  1050
  Total claimed points 5106


In addition to the hard-core folks who helped with setup and teardown, a number of MARC members got in some serious operating from both the phone and CW stations. Lew, K1AZE, and Karen, KA1BYP, once again served up great chow, as well. Visits from the public were down because of the weather, but we did have Alabama State Representative Reed Ingram drop by the site Saturday afternoon.

All in all, our equipment performed admirably and we had a great time. Thanks to Randy, KV4AC, and Carla, KG4EVC, for hosting the event, to all who gave up their time and worked hard to make it happen, and to Alabama EMA for the use of their generator.

 See you next year!